Why Are We Doing This?

Why Are We Doing This?

We were somewhere in the middle of Indiana driving on Interstate 64 when my wife and I got a whiff of something emanating from the back of the car. We were returning from a funeral in Missouri to our home in Louisville, Kentucky, with our 18-month-old son in the back seat. The signature smell could mean one thing only – our son had done a number two in his diaper. We were only about 15 minutes from home, at the end of a 4 hour trip, and assumed we could tolerate the smell a little longer to avoid an extra stop. We were so close, but when I looked at him in the rear-view mirror, I was horrified. The little guy had reached into his diaper, and his hands were caked in poop! He was opening and closing his fists in seemingly complete awe that his body produced such a fun play thing.  He had wiped poop on his clothes, his car seat, the car windows, and anything else his 18-month-old arms could reach. Plans immediately changed and we were glad for a nearby exit. On that day (after using 90+ diaper wipes), I understood that traveling with children is complicated!

Yes, traveling with children is difficult, but the rewards are great.

Our two children have been traveling by car, plane, and cruise ship practically since birth. Our son was two-months-old when we took a car trip from Louisville, Kentucky to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a Thanksgiving reunion. And our daughter was six-weeks-old when we boarded a plane for a cross-country trip to meet her grandparents. Our kids have frequent flyer numbers and frequent cruise memberships. They have visited U.S. states from coast to coast and countries and islands around the Caribbean.

With all of this family travel, we have learned many valuable lessons and tricks to make it manageable, affordable, and most of all, enjoyable! That is what this blog is about. We want to share our experiences, lessons learned, and tips for enjoyable family travel with you.  We’ll talk about favorite places we’ve been and adventures we’ve taken. We’ll also talk about our worst experiences and how you can avoid the mistakes we made.

When we first married, my wife and I decided that we wanted to make travel a priority. Rather than collecting things, we are collecting  experiences and seeing the world. Our children, without knowing it, signed up for a childhood filled with travel and adventure. They haven’t complained too much about the decision my wife and I made all those years ago and actually look forward to planning a new vacation and seeing a new place. The whole family likes planning new vacations, revisiting favorite places and re-living favorite memories.

We want to encourage you and your family to travel more, experience more and enjoy the journey more by being a resource for you in your adventures.

So grab your free ticket, take your seat, and prepare for a fabulous journey.

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4 thoughts on “Why Are We Doing This?”

  • Congratulations on your blog! Oh wow…what a story to start with…SO appreicate the transparency. Thank you for your encouragement to travel more. Well done!

  • Love the story and look forward to your travel tips. We have a similar philosophy. Son’s first trip was Chicago to LA at 2.5-months to visit family before going back to work. Haven’t stopped traveling since. Just wrote a post on our plans for a visit to Italy next summer. This will be his first visit to Europe. Can’t wait to read you posts for a virtual escape from the daily grind!

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